A Story Is Like A Letter
There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind
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Baby goats freaking out when they can’t see their owner.


my goat fence is right outside the bathroom and the window’s always open ‘cause i’m growing plants in there, so the goats KNOW IT’S ME WHEN I’M PEEING AND START YELLING FOR ME TO COME PLAY

ΣΑΙ Day 22: close up. These are the leaves I’m sitting in while hiding from 140 kids for the scavenger hunt #saipotd14 #saietaomega #sigmaalphaiota @sai_nh

ΣΑΙ Day 22: close up. These are the leaves I’m sitting in while hiding from 140 kids for the scavenger hunt #saipotd14 #saietaomega #sigmaalphaiota @sai_nh

So I’m currently hiding from 140 kids for a scavenger hunt. This is going to be fun.



#remember how this movie took female stereotypes and crushed them into a million pieces

casual reminder that Elle Woods scored a 179 on the LSAT, which is one point shy of a perfect score.

Casual reminder that Whatshisface here had family connections and was a legacy and shit, whereas Elle Woods came out of nowhere.

casual reminder that Elle Woods actually had an amazing background in real life issues that people dismissed as unimportant but managed to not only learn the law, but learned how to apply the law.

Casual reminder that Elle Woods used her lawyer skills to save a woman from an abusive relationship and also save another woman from trumped up murder charges and basically what I’m saying is you go, girl, go get ‘em Elle Woods, thank you for this movie.


so the other day i was at work, talking to one of my co-workers. we somehow got into the topic of tv shows, and he asked me if i had seen orange is the new black. of course, i say. i binged watched the second season in like five days.

i’m enjoying watching it, but it’s not…


Do you ever wonder if your family wonders if you’re gay.



I am literally going to major in blowing air through an expensive piece of piping and I don’t know how I feel about that

How do you think it feels wanting to major in hitting plastic with wooden sticks?


i don’t care about straight girls who are afraid to cut their hair short in case they get called lesbians, i care about the fact that lesbians are being used as fucking insults 

I’m not where I need to be, but thank god I’m not where I used to be.
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Discover why you’re important, then refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t completely agree.
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imagine a vampire going “fuck it” and just taking some antihistamines before going to town on a plate of garlic bread

later on it’s wheeled into the ER with like a puffed up face and it just goes “I have been on this earth 10 thousand years but i have not lived until this day”

Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.
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But I’m A Cheerleader, 1999